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Styling Hairbrushes for Professionals
Style your client's hair to perfection using our salon professional styling hairbrushes. Equip your staff with the best tools in the industry and increase your salon’s efficiency. Reward your clients by creating any look they might desire.

Kent Salon professional styling hairbrushes are perfect for volumizing, back-combing and precision styling. Our premium quality vent hairbrushes are ideal for styling whilst blow drying.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use our professional styling hairbrushes?
Whether you’re looking to create a complex up-do or a more relaxed down-do, our salon styling hairbrushes help you to volumise, backcomb and precision style with ease. Each brush has been designed to glide through client's hair, ensuring a comfortable experience.

Which styling hairbrush should I choose?
Choose a salon styling brush based on your client’s specific needs. Alternatively, select a few of our brushes to build your own collection and be prepared to create any hairstyle. Our vent hairbrushes are ideal for styling whilst blow drying, whereas our backcomb brush is perfect for volumising and finishing. Our cushion brush is a good all-round grooming brush which helps to tackle static.

What is a vent hairbrush used for?
Vented brushes are usually used to dry the soaking hair quickly. The vents on the head of the brush allow you to spread the hot air seamlessly, reaching all layers of hair. The smaller surface of the brush allows you to direct heat away from the roots reaching your hair at every angle.

What styling hairbrush material is best?
The best brushes to use are the ones that don't generate static electricity on the hair. You also want a brush that doesn't break, pinch, or cut the hair. Kent Salon brushes are made using premium nylon and boar bristles to avoid electrifying the hair, moulded to a single unit delivering maximum comfort and hair and scalp safety for your client.

What styling hairbrushes are best for short hair?
If you want to style short and fine hair, you should use a vent-style brush with wide bristles and a smaller surface area. We recommend using our Styling Moulded Pins Vent Hairbrush. A classic moulded vent brush with no sharp lines to pinch or cut the hair.