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Professional ceramic radials for precision styling
Our salon professional ceramic radial hairbrushes are designed for salon use. Equip your salon with the best ceramic brushes and take your customer satisfaction to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which ceramic radial brush should I use?

To give your clients more styling options, it makes sense to have a range of brushes at your disposal. Our salon ceramic radial brushes are available in a variety of sizes, so you can choose based on your client’s hair type or mix and match different brushes.

Do round brushes damage hair?
Using round brushes in tandem with a blow dryer is less damaging to the hair compared to hair straighteners and curling irons because the brush will not generate any extra heat. Radial brushes are a great alternative to various other hot tools as they help avoid damage or breakage by not overheating the hair while styling with a blow dryer.

How to use salon professional ceramic radial brushes?

As you blow-dry your client’s hair, start rolling the round brush gently from the base of the roots. A common practice is to direct the brush from the client's face while you’re working towards the ends of the hair holding the blowing hot air towards the brush. When you reach the ends, you can switch up the angle of the brush and the blow dryer. You can also give it a little twist of the wrist to finish with a gentle wave at the end of the client’s hair.

What is the best small round brush for short hair?
We suggest using our 44mm Ceramic Radial to quickly hold the hair for a longer time and release it without snagging. As this brush is equipped with a short head, it will keep the heat longer and distribute it more evenly.