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The Ergonomics of the Kent Salon Brush

With a strong history of producing the world’s finest hairbrushes, each tool in our line up of salon professional hairbrushes has been designed with function in mind to allow you to create the perfect looks. No corners have been cut and no expense has been spared in our pursuit of perfection. These are not just typical hairbrushes; these are precision tools for those seeking perfection from their tool kit.

Let’s break down exactly how these have been crafted.

How a brush feels is essential to a professional, this is why we have designed an ergonomically perfect handle, to ensure the best results.

The ergonomic handles have been crafted to fit every size of hand, from the dainty to the heavy weight. Starting with a slender neck, the seamless joint is strong and durable and is fastened to ensure no hair is caught or pulled.

The six elevated fins offer the perfect balance between grip and glide, enabling you to work the brush easily without compromising stability and technique.

A stout body to the handle houses a soft and smooth rubber grip, that is lightly textured to ensure a secure hold for even the toughest of blow dries. The brush then tapers to a metal point which has been crafted from steel to balance the brush weight perfectly in your hand. The metal point of the handles are not only for picking and sectioning the hair, they also work as a balance weight to help prevent repetitive strain.

Kent Salon 35mm Ceramic Radial - KS12

Every metal point of our brushes are embossed with the Kent Salon insignia adding to the brushes exclusivity, craftsmanship and unquestionable quality.

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