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Retailing Kent Salon

At Kent we believe that a hairbrush is the best beauty accessory anyone can buy, and we are proud to be able to offer the best choice and quality of brush on the market.

As a salon and a hairdresser, you already know the importance of a good hairbrush and investing in the right brush can make a world of difference to styling and the finish of hair. Now it’s time to educate your clients!

Having a good salon retail area is great way for introducing your clients to new products and educating them on keeping their hair salon-fresh for longer in between appointments. So, what better way to show off and store your range of bespoke Kent Salon hairbrushes than our custom-made point of sale retail units that are designed to fit into any salon. Correctly displaying the professional hairbrushes is key to a successful retailing experience.

We speak to Kent Salon advocate Riccardo Corvi, Salon Director and Owner from Rainbow Room International, Ayr

“I first saw the Kent Salon KS04 Dressing Brush used for hair up and bought the brushes for myself to use in the salon because they looked different to the rest of the brushes my team uses. It was also good to differentiate, so my brushes wouldn’t get pinched! I then bought all the team a Kent Salon KS04 brush as part of their Christmas package and they were delighted.

 Kent Salon Retailing


I decided to retail Kent Salon off the back of clients asking me more about the brushes I was using on their hair and where I got them from because they looked so great and professional.

I love the fact it’s a classic British brand with a modern twist and I feel as a quality, luxury product it sits well within our salon.

The brushes ultimately sell themselves. Once a client sees them or feels them, they buy them. Especially the big, Curved KS02 Vent Brush as it’s so unique and sells so well. The large cushion dressing brush is also super value for money and the packaging makes them all a fantastic gift.

I have the full retail stand at my reception so again they are on view at all times.

It’s simple really, use them on your clients and get the client to also try them in their own hands, make the brushes and the price list as visible as possible and they will sell themselves!”

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