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The Handle

How a brush feels is essential to a professional, this is why Kent Salon have designed an ergonimically perfect handle, to ensure the best results.

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The Range

See the full range of Kent Salon professional brushes. To place an order please call customer service on 01442 23 26 23.



















Q:How do I become an authorised stockist of Kent Salon hair brushes?

Register with our on-line registration form and we will validate your account. Once validated you'll be eligible to purchase our exclusive range.

Q: Why are the hair brushes only available in salons?

We wanted to offer salons something that wasn't available on the high street. A range of products that are technically superior over the ‘average’ brush. Brushes which are made with salon use and home styling at the forefront of their design, construction and capabilities.

Q:I’m not a hairdresser but I would like a Kent Salon brush, how can I buy them?

Members of the public can only buy Kent Salon brushes from certified salons. Search our database here to locate your nearest retailer.

Q:Why was Kent Salon created?

Professional hairdressers throughout the world have always loved using Kent Brushes but occasionally found it tricky to retail them in their salons because the same brushes are invariably available from many shops on the high street. So in answer to this we decided to put our 235 years of brush making knowledge and expertise to good use and create what we feel is a range of the most technically perfect brushes for salon use and home styling. The real icing on the cake though is the fact that the public can only buy Kent Salon brushes from a salon that chooses to stock them, they can’t buy direct or through any wholesalers and certainly not online, they have to buy from their local salon!

Q:Is Kent Salon the same company as Kent Brushes?

Yes. Kent Salon is simply the professional arm of Kent Brushes.

Q:What are the best Kent Salon hair brushes to buy when starting out?

They are all brilliant! Our best sellers currently are the KS02, KS04, the bristle radials (KS14 – 17) and the ceramics (KS10 -13).

Q:Is the credit card payment system secure?

All payment for this website is processed securely by PayPal. Here are some of the ways that PayPal protects your information:

We employ industry-leading encryption and fraud prevention tools.We'll follow up with a confirmation email every time you make a payment.Your financial information is never divulged to anyone, not even to your merchant.

Q:How can I pay?

All payments are made through PayPal. You will be redirected to PayPal after you checkout.

Q:Can I change my order at a later time?

If you order before 12:20pm chances are the products will already be on their way. If you have placed your order after this time please email

Q:Which countries do you deliver to?

Currently we only sell to Salons in the UK from our website. For information on how to order Kent Salon abroad please email

Q:How long does shipping take?

Providing we are in stock of the lines you need, orders will be dispatched 1-2 working days from the date of the order being placed

Q:How much are the delivery costs?

Orders over £100 are free, orders under £100 cost £3.50

Q: If the delivery order is damaged what should I do?

Contact or phone 01442 232623.

Q:What is your returns policy?

Kent salon are guaranteed against defective materials and workmanship. Any items revealing such defects will be repaired or replaced free of charge. 15% will be deducted from the value of all goods returned without prior permission of the company by way of handling charges. This guarantee is offered as an extra benefit and does not affect consumer statutory rights

Q:How can I redeem vouchers?

Vouchers can be found on our Facebook page and can redeemed before you checkout. Like us on Facebook to make sure you don't miss out

Q:Where do I find vouchers and discount codes?

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter. We will post new codes and vouchers through our social media.

Q:How can I get in contact with Kent Salon customer service?

To speak to a human please ring 01442 232623 or fill out our contact form

Q:How secure is the transmission of my data?

Your financial data is not handled by the Kent Salon website, but by PayPal UK. This is all undertaken with industry leading levels of security and always via SSL. As the information entered on does not contain sensitive information, it is not transferred via a secure connection. It isn't however, publicly accessible and is only ever seen by the authorised user and owner of that data and Kent Salon.

Q: Do you stock POS materials and display units?

We offer a counter top unit that displays 5 brushes, we see this as a samples stand which will display the lines your salon stocks. We are working on a larger floor stand. Contact our Kent Salons team on 01442 232 623 to find out more.